Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate: Apply Online

Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate: Apply Online

Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate – Jati Praman Patra

How to apply for Caste Certificate In UP Online ?

Caste Certificate – Jati Praman Patra


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Caste Certificate/  Jati Praman Patra

A caste certificate is a significant document that attests to a person's membership in a specific caste, community, and religion. To use the various government services, residents of Uttar Pradesh must obtain a caste certificate. Caste certificates are one of the necessary documents, especially for members of the reserved category, such as Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe, or Other Backward Classes, to establish their candidacy. This article provides a detailed explanation of How to obtain a Jati Praman Patra or caste certificate in Uttar Pradesh ?

Caste Certificate Benefits

As mentioned above, caste certificates assist people who fall under a protected category, such as SC, ST, or OBC, in obtaining the benefits listed below.

  1. Reservation of seats in the legislature requires the presentation of a caste certificate.
  2. Caste certification is necessary to qualify for a reservation in government employment.
  3. Scholarship or a portion of the college and school admissions fees
    in order to fulfill quotas in educational institutions
  4. To apply for certain Government jobs with upper age restrictions
  5. To apply for scholarships, a caste certificate must be presented.
  6. Caste certificate is required in order to receive government subsidies.
    for registering government-provided programs
  7. A citizen of Uttar Pradesh who is a member of a SC, ST, or OBC group must possess a current UP The Jati Praman Patra.

Eligibility requirements

The following requirements must be satisfied in order to submit an application for an Uttar Pradesh caste certificate or Jati Praman Patra.

Only Uttar Pradesh residents may apply for this certificate.
A caste certificate can be requested by anyone who belongs to one of the castes or classes listed in Schedule-1 of the Uttar Pradesh Public Services.

Documents Required to apply for Jati Praman Patra

For the purpose of obtaining an Uttar Pradesh Jati Praman Patra, the following documents must be presented.

  1. Application Form in the Format Required
  2. father's caste certificate
  3. Ration card/Food Security Card, voter ID, phone bill, or electricity bill can be used as self-declaration address proof.
  4. income statement
  5. Certificates for the caste, warden, and village chief
  6. Passport Size Photo
  7. Fees applicable: The Tehsil office does not charge for Jati Praman Patra applications. The court fee stamp, which costs Rs. 1.5, must be attached to the application form, though. If submitting an application through an e-District local service center, there is a service fee of Rs. 20 for processing the caste certificate.

Steps to Apply Caste Certificate through UP Online:

Follow these detailed instructions to apply for the Uttar Pradesh Jeevan Praman Patra:

  1. Step 1:  Visit UP Online, the official website of the Government of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. User Registration Step 2: Register in the portal if you are a new user of the UP Online page in order to access certificate services. If you are ready to Sign Up, click on Register Button.
  3. Step 3: Enter your login information and press the "check availability" button. If the login information you entered is unique, continue with the process.
  4. Step 4: Enter the required information (name, date of birth, gender, residential address, district, phone number, and mail ID) to register as a user.
  5. Step 5: To register in the portal, enter the security code that is displayed here and select the Secure this option.
  6. Step 6: At this point, get an OTP sent to the registered mobile number and enter it to create a password.
  7. Access the Portal.
    Step 7: After completing the registration process, enter your user name and password to access the website.(Note: To log in as a citizen, select the Citizen Option from the drop-down menu.)
  8. Step 8: After logging into the portal, choose the option to fill out an application.
  9. Step 9: From the drop-down menu under the service option, choose Jati Praman Patra.
  10. Step 10: Submit all required information for the caste certificate.(Name,Gender, Address, Age, Date of Birth, Community, and Religion
    The religion of the parents must also be mentioned.
    Upload Documents)
  11. Step 11: Upload your photo, self-declaration, and ration card.
  12. Step 12: After entering all the necessary information, press the submit button. A unique application number will be generated; save it for later use.

How to check the status of Application of  UP Jati Praman Patra ?

The applicant can check  the  current application status by visiting Uttar Pradesh e-District portal. And then select application status option from home page.

Now, fill in the Application Number and click on submit to find the current status of Jati Praman Patra.

How To verify and Download UP Jati Praman Patra ?

Verify the information on the certificate from e-District Uttar Pradesh after the relevant authority has given the Jati Praman Patra application approval.

Click the search button after entering the application number and certificate ID. Check the certificate's issued details.