UP Post-matric scholarship (UP PMS) | Apply Online| Important Dates

UP Post-matric scholarship (UP PMS) | Apply Online| Important Dates
UP Post Matric Scholarship

A scholarship is a representation of financial aid for higher education. Academic excellence, diversity and inclusion, athletic prowess, and financial need are just a few of the factors considered when awarding scholarships.

Even though scholarship recipients are not required to pay back scholarships, the awards may have requirements that must be met throughout the period of support, such as maintaining a minimum grade point average or participating in a specific activity. Most scholarship requirements reflect the values and goals of the donor, such as playing on a school sports team for athletic scholarship recipients.

Scholarships vary in their generosity; some provide a "full ride," which includes all fees as well as housing, food, and other expenses, while others only cover a portion of the cost of tuition.

The main goal of this kind of financial help is to fix the problems that make it hard for students to do well in school.

In India, scholarships are offered by a variety of groups, from the central government to state governments.

In this article, we will discuss the scholarships offered by the Uttar Pradesh government.

The Government have basically 4 different types of Scholarship schemes :-

  1. Pre Matric Class 9-10
  2. Post Matric Inter Class 11-12
  3. Post Matric Other than Inter
  4. Post Matric Out Side State

Post Matric Inter Class 11-12

UP Post-matric scholarships, also known as Dashmottar scholarships, are awarded by the Social Welfare Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh to students residing in the state and enrolled in classes 11 and higher. The UP post-matric scholarship, sponsored by the state government, aims to provide financial assistance to needy students who wish to further continue their studies. Due to the large number and variety of students in Uttar Pradesh, the UP government has divided the scholarships based on their needs, educational levels, and student categories. Students from the SC, ST, OBC, minority, and general categories are eligible for post-matriculation UP scholarships.

We will discuss about the pre-matric level scholarships that fall under the UP scholarships in this article. You can find a full explanation of these scholarships, including details about the requirements, benefits, application process, and deadlines.

Scholarships under UP Pre-Matric Scholarship:

  1. Post-matric Scholarship for ST/SC/General Category, Uttar Pradesh
  2. Post-matric Scholarship for Minorities, Uttar Pradesh
  3. Post-matric Scholarship for OBC students, Uttar Pradesh

The Social Welfare Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh aids Post-Matric UP scholarship recipients with money and other resources. The amount of a scholarship is based on how well a student does in school and how much money they need. This financial aid pays for the tuition fee, non-refundable fees, supplies, and a few other things that are important. Students can get UP Pre-matricular Scholarships if they meet a set of rules set by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. These rules determine which scholarships a student can get.

Eligibility criteria of UP Post Matric scholarships:-

Post-matric Scholarship for ST/SC/General Category, Uttar Pradesh

  1. The applicants must be students of classes 11 and 12 and should have domicile of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. The applicants should belong to the  SC/ST/General category of Uttar Pradesh to avail of this scholarship.
  3. The annual family income must not exceed Rs 2 lakh.

Post-matric Intermediate Scholarship for Minorities, Uttar Pradesh

  1. The applicants must be studying in classes 11 and 12 and should have domicile of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. The candidates belonging to the minority community of Uttar Pradesh are eligible.
  3. The annual family income must not be exceed Rs 2 lakh from all sources.

Post-matric Scholarship for OBC students, Uttar Pradesh

  1. The applicants must be studying in classes 11 and 12 and should have domicile of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. The candidates belonging to the OBC category of Uttar Pradesh are eligible.
  3. The annual family income must not exceed Rs 2 lakh through all the sources.

How to Apply Online for UP Post-matric Scholarship ?

Post-Matriculated UP Scholarships can be applied for online through the UP-Scholarship Government's portal. This makes applying for a Dashmottar scholarship easier and simpler. Find a full explanation of how to apply for the UP post-matric scholarships below.

  1. First, new applicants must sign up as new users on the "UP Government's Scholarship and Fee Reimbursement Online System" by giving all the required information. The applicants must keep a copy of the registration slip in case they need it in the future.
  2. Once registered, candidates must fill out a new application under the "Student" section by using their registration number, date of birth, and password to log in to the portal.
  3. On the scholarship application form, the candidate must fill in all of the information that is asked of them.
  4. After filling out the application form, applicants must upload a photo the size of a passport and any other required documents, such as proof of residence, a certificate of caste (if needed), a certificate of income, mark sheets, and certificates.
  5. Applicants must then look over all the information they filled in on the form to make sure it is correct, and then send in the form.
  6. After the final submission, applicants must take a printout of the filled-out application form, attach other supporting documents to it, and turn it in at their own educational institutions.

Important  Registration links for UP  Post-matric scholarship:-

UP Post-matric Scholarship

Fresh Registration

Renew Registration

Post-matric Scholarship for ST/SC/General Category, Uttar Pradesh


Post-matric Scholarship for OBC students, Uttar Pradesh


Post-matric Scholarship for Minorities, Uttar Pradesh


Here are some things that people should think about when filling out the form for

UP Post-matric Scholarship:

Post-matric Scholarship:  

  1. Before filling out the online application form, you must submit a marksheet or certificate of your educational qualification, a caste or income residence certificate (issued online), the mandatory annual non-refundable course fee, your registration number from your current university or board (except for the first year), your Aadhaar number, a passport-sized photo, etc.
  2. The high school mark sheet and certificate must have the same name, father's name, gender, and date of birth as the Aadhaar card.
    After demographic authentication of the Aadhaar number (matching the Aadhaar number, name, and date of birth) and an OTP received on the Aadhaar-linked mobile number, the student will be able to temporarily lock his or her application form online.
    It is required that you link your Aadhaar number to your bank account and start seeding. You have to do it at the bank branch because if you don't, the transaction might not go through. During the financial year 2022–203, the scholarship will only be sent to the bank account linked to the Aadhaar number.
  3. Keep your Aadhaar-linked savings bank account (with linking in the bank account and seeding in NPCI) active by keeping a minimum balance and making at least one transaction every three months. There is no maximum amount of money that can go into the account.
  4. Check the savings bank account that is linked to Aadhaar very carefully. The student's PFMS application will be turned down if an Aadhaar-linked account number is not included (by linking a bank account and seeding in NPCI). Students who are renewing their courses but have already done Aadhaar and OTP authentication do not have to do it again until the end of the course.
    Before locking the temporary, all of the student's information should be looked at, such as his high school or intermediate roll number, his caste or income certificate number, his application number, and the marks he got on the last exam in the current course. Minimum requirements for admission include the course and type of course, the income listed on the income certificate, the approved annual fee amount, the category listed on the application form (Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, General Category, Backward Classes, Minority Category, etc.), and the amount of money listed on the income certificate. Look closely at the markings.
  5. Every student fills out his or her own application form. Make a password for the online application form that you can remember. If students are applying from a cybercafé or school, fill out all the fields on the application form in front of you.

Here are some lists of things that applicants should fill out on the form so that their application doesn't get turned down:

  1. UP Post-Matric Scholarship: Don't tell anyone your Aadhaar number, high school transcript, bank account number, application password, or any other data or records that are personal to you.
  2. Don't send in your application at the last minute.
  3. No matter what, students who have failed should never apply for a scholarship.
    The application form won't be considered finished until the final printout is taken and sent to the school. Even if the time period in the timetable is changed, the revised application form will only be valid after the final revised print is made, sent to the institution, and sent on by the institution.
  4. The application form will be thrown out, the student won't be able to get the scholarship, and the student will be solely responsible for any wrong, incomplete, or wrong information that was put on the form.
    If it turns out that the student used another student's Aadhaar number, high school roll number, bank account, income, caste certificate, or any other record when applying, the student and the institution will be punished according to the rules. The proposal will be turned down.
  5. If the student's information is flagged as suspicious, the school the student goes to will need an online response and proof to back up the suspicion. If the student's answers or supporting materials are correct, or if the scholarship is not made electronically available to the district level officers (District Social Welfare Officer, District Backward Classes Welfare Officer, and District Minorities Welfare Officer) within the time frame listed on the institute's scholarship website. If the claim isn't true, the data will be rejected by digital signature after the district scholarship acceptance committee makes its decision.
  6. Visit https://scholarship.up.gov.in to find out more about the rules, schedule, information shown, and other details of the current session. You must always follow the instructions given on the website.
  7. Do it within the time limits listed in the schedule.
    When filling out their renewal application, students should write their correct grades and the words "Passed or Promoted." If the exam result hasn't been sent yet, you can apply with the option "Result Not Yet Declared," but if it hasn't been sent by the deadline for removing any questionable information or filling out the exam result on the application form, the student should get in touch with the institute. Try again for the same thing.
  8. For the online application, you should come up with your own password. Students applying from a cybercafé or institution should fill out every field of the application form in front of them, double-check every field by printing the test, and only submit the application form online after fixing any mistakes. Submit
  9. After you send in the application form, your login page will show any mistakes in the caste, income, or residence certificate number and the application number, as well as any mistakes in the income or high school or intermediate roll number.
  10. After you have fixed everything, you should send the application form to the school and ask for a receipt (except the high school roll number).
    After getting information from the school, enter the actual fee amount in the "Compulsory Annual Fee (Non-Refundable Fees)" column.
  11. Even if the students didn't get the money the first year, they shouldn't have to fill out a new application form the next year. Instead, they should just use the form they used the year before.
    Students only have to fill out a few required fields on the renewal application form, such as their previous exam results, full marks, and their registration number at their current university or board. Students who are eligible for renewal should fill out the application form with their correct grades or scores from the last class because the marks will be compared to the results uploaded by the school or an affiliated organization.

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