Krishi Vaniki Yojana (poplar ETP)

Most of the population of India still depends upon Agriculture. However, the increase in the number of suicides by farmers in our country in the recent years is alarming for this sector.

This is one of the factors contributing to our government's focus on increasing farmers' incomes. This can be achieved only through scientific methods and new ideas for the agriculture sector.

One of the famous scientific ways to increase production is Integrated Farming in which many crops and cattles are grown in a very short amount of land. The cattles and crops are chosen very wisely such that one of the crops will help others and their waste could be fed to cattles. Moreover waste by cattles will be used to feed fishes and so on.

Growing plants on the empty spaces between two farm lands is another easy way of integrated farming. Poplar is one of the famous plants of this type which takes 5 to 6 years to grow and is then sold at high prices. It’s more like a fixed deposit for farmers.

The government of Bihar is also promoting scientific farming and plantation drive under mega project Jal Jeevan Hariyali, which is also a part of Saat Nischay. This scheme is known as Krishi Vaniki Yojna.

Important details of Krishi Vaniki Yojna 2022

  • Poplar plant needs a minimum space of 3m ✕ 4m to sow.
  • Selected farmers will be provided with Poplar plants at a rate of INR 10 per plant as a security money .
  • Farmers will also receive the necessary training to oversee the Poplar plant's growth.
  • After 3 years of implantation the number of plants is counted and in case of survival of more than 50% of plants, farmers will get back their security money and an incentive of INR 60 per live plant.
  • The were will be complete right of farmers on the plants.
  • These plants grow 80 to 90 feets in 5 to 6 years and become ready for cutting.
  • Farmers will also get INR 10,000 per acre for cutting plants.
  • Last date to apply for this scheme is 30-12-2022.
  • This Program is for all districts of North Bihar.

Eligibility for KVY 2022

  • Farmers should be residents of Bihar.
  • A bank account that is open and has at least INR 20,000 in deposits.
  • About 1 to 3 acres of plain land without water logging.
  • There must be availability of good irrigation facilities.

Important Documents

  • Land ownership certificate
  • Updated lagaan receipt
  • Photocopy of lease deed in case the land is on lease
  • Bank passbook receipt with at least INR 20000 deposits

Farmers can apply for this offline as they can download the form, fill all details and submit it at the nearest office of the forest department with all important documents.  

Benefits of Poplar Plant

  1. Demand is more than supply in the market.
  2. It helps to increase production of other crops.
  3. Increases incomes of the farmer.
  4. Suited to all types of climates.
  5. Not much space is required.

This scheme will also increase the number of plants which further improve our environment. Farmers have a great fixed deposit without much investment.